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Contest Application

Looking to Have a Scarecrow at the 2024 Scarecrow Weekend?

Fill out the application below to get started. It's easy and free to enter!

*The deadline to enter is September 15th*

Contest Prizes

Voting will take place in person during event hours.

Mega/Mechanical Category
1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $350
3rd Place - $250

Business Category
Clubs/Not-for-Profit/Schools Category
Individual Category

1st Place - $200
2nd Place - $150
3rd Place - $100

***Per Category

  • Minimum of 7 Entries for all 3 Prizes

  • Minimum of 5 Entries for 1st and 2nd Place Prizes

  • Minimum of 3 Entries for 1st Place Prize

***Per Category


  1. Mega/Mechanical: BIG PRIZE MONEY! (This Category encompasses both Mega & Mechanical Scarecrows). Mechanical - Only category that is provided with electricity and allowed moving parts. Electricity must be the only means of mechanization. Entrants supply their own 50ft. outdoor extension cord. Mega - Make an impact with a large 8 x 8 display. Neither power nor moving parts.

  2. Clubs/Not-for-Profits/Schools: Open to adult/children's organizations such as: schools, fraternal group, sports team or any other not-for-profit cause.

  3. Individual: Open to entries created by one or more individuals or family not affiliated with a business or organization.

  4. Business: Open to for-profit businesses. Display may reflect & promote business.

Scarecrow Contest Application:

Entry Sizes: Mega/Mechanical Category will receive 8' x 8' SPACE. All Other Categories - will receive a 4 ' W x 6' D SPACE.

Important: Please provide a name and description for your entry on this application or email it by September 15th, 2024!


  • Scarecrows reflecting controversial, social, religious or political opinions/statements will NOT be accepted. The St. Charles Business Alliance reserves the right to remove any scarecrow it deems offensive or inappropriate.

  • If you are unable to create your scarecrow for any reason, please contact the Alliance immediately so that your designated space can be filled.

  • The St. Charles Business Alliance is NOT responsible for the scarecrows throughout the weekend. (Limited Security).




  • All entries (except Mechanical/Mega) will receive a 4' wide x 6' deep space. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Mechanical/Mega - maximum space is 8' x 8'.

  • NO hand-outs at your contest display. Flyers can only be given out by Event Sponsors or Vendors.

  • All entries must be on display during entire event Friday through Sunday.

  • One entry per category per person, family, business, or organization. Entries in multiple categories permitted.


  • Display may reflect a special theme and/or promote a not-for-profit organization, event or business.

  • Must be constructed to withstand weather - More set-up details will be emailed upon receipt of this application.

  • Signage may be displayed to identify or promote your business, event or organization. Please use weatherproof signs.


  • Scarecrow designs must be NEW each year.

  • No hazardous items such as tiki torches or gas-powered generators allowed.

  • All categories may display lights (powered by batteries only) unless in Mechanical category.

Check-in and Set-up

  • All entries will be assigned a location, based on category. Location details will be emailed by September 22nd.

  • Set-up is Thursday, October 10th, 8:00AM - 8:00PM.

Tear Down

  • Tear down is Sunday, October 13th from 5:00PM - 8:00PM. All Scarecrows must be removed by 8:00 PM Sunday night. Any leftover remnants may incur a fee.

By signing this entry form, I hereby agree to the contest rules as listed on the back of this application. I release/hold harmless The St. Charles Business Alliance, its employees, officers & agents from any & all claims for loss, damage or injury incurred by Scarecrow Contest Participation, 

Thanks for submitting!

Further set-up details will be sent upon receipt of Entry Form. 

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Need Some Inspiration?

Take a look at some great scarecrows from previous years.

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